What's this all about?

This year, New Zealanders will have their say on whether cannabis should be legalised and regulated for personal use.

Cannabis Convo presents some of the issues we'll all need to think about before voting in the referendum. It also gives you a chance to see how other people feel about cannabis reform.

From who's allowed to use it through to how it's made available, there are many options to consider. We'll help you weigh up the different ways of dealing with the issues that matter most to you.

About the referendum

At the 2020 General Election, voters will be asked a simple question about whether they think draft legislation proposed by the Government should become law.

Cannabis Convo introduces a range of approaches to cannabis reform, so Kiwis can see how the draft Bill compares to other possible policy options.

The draft legislation proposes to:

  • legalise personal use and purchase from age 20
  • allow sale at licensed premises, and consumption at separate licensed premises or on private property
  • allow limited home-growing
  • restrict marketing and advertising of cannabis products.

How were the questions formed?

The issues and options for addressing them were guided by a collaborative process between Massey University’s SHORE & Whariki Research Centre and Design+Democracy Project.

Experts from around the world - including stakeholders from over 50 key health, government, NGO and academic organisations - provided input and assessed the reform options presented.

Privacy and data use

Unless users volunteer personally identifiable information, any information provided to Cannabis Convo will remain anonymous.

Cannabis Convo provides users an analyses of aggregate data collected within the tool. It will not disclose individual-level user data to any third party — identifiable individual user data will not be shared. The Design+Democracy Project and SHORE & Whariki Research Centre may publish general trends and broad observations, but the main reason we collect information is to improve the tools we build.

For more information please contact us at designanddemocracy@massey.ac.nz

Brought to you by

Cannabis Convo is an initiative of the Design+Democracy Project, a research unit established within Massey University’s College of Creative Arts, and is made in collaboration with the good folk at effect.

We believe that the issue of low voter turnout is not only the responsibility of governments or councils — it is one that we all share as citizens. The Design+Democracy Project thinks design can make a meaningful contribution.

Our core team consists of Karl Kane, Tim Parkin, Tim Turnidge, Cass Hesom-Williams and Thomas Le Bas. Chris Wilkins and Marta Rychert provided subject-expert knowledge, and were a conduit to some of the world's leading researchers in the field of cannabis law reform. The people at effect made things real.

Thanks goes to the talented people who helped make Cannabis Convo possible, especially our illustrator Sarah Illingworth, Smith College (USA) interns Patience Kayira and Barbara Garrison, and Massey's Greg Gilbert.


What did you think of Cannabis Convo? Let us know by emailing designanddemocracy@massey.ac.nz

Want to know more?

You can find out more about Cannabis Convo and the team on the Design+Democracy Project’s website, designdemocracy.ac.nz